Globe Control Valve

Globe Control Valve

Place of Origin:Fujian, China (Mainland) Brand Name:Kemus Model Number:BZHP,BZHN,BZHM Material:Stainless Steel Temperature of Media:High Temperature Pressure:Low Pressure Power:Pneumatic Media:Gas Structure:Ball valve body material:cast iron,cast steel and so on pressure class:1.6MPa,4.0MPa,6.4MPa connected way:flange connection according to JB79-59 temperature scope:normal-20°C~+230°C air cooling fin-60°C~+450°C action way:positive (air to close type)or back action (air to open type) flow characteristic:equal percent/linear leakage:single seat 0.01%*rated Kv ouble seat,sleeve seat:0.5%*rated Kv Standard or Nonstandard:Standard

Product Details

Pneumatic straight way globe control valve



Pneumatic diaphragm control valve is the terminal industrial process measurement and control system control device, is composed by pneumatic diaphragm actuator, direct through single-seat,double seat and sleeve valve, etc., which can automatically change the valve trim position according to the control signal system , changing the flow area between the valve trim and the valve seat, to change the valve drag coefficient, to realize the regulation for the medium flow, pressure and level and other process parameters adjustment. 
Pneumatic diaphragm valve use dual-oriented structure, equipped with multiple spring actuator, with a compact, light weight, sensitive, valve capacity big, flow characteristics of precision, easy to disassembly. Widely used for precise control of gas, liquid, steam and other media, process parameters such as pressure, flow, temperature, level maintained at a set value. Especially for the smaller amount of pressure and small leakage workplace.


pneumatic double seat control valve dimension 

HNormal temperature type45045357357863464465678179183314431519
Air cooling fin type586589701706797807819978988103017451765

Electric globe valve structure features

1. The material choice is exquisite, conforms to the domestic, the external correlation standard, the structure is reasonable, the shape is beautiful.

2. Disc, seat sealing surface is made of iron base alloy surfacing or stellite cobalt base hard alloy surfacing. It has good abrasion resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and long service life.

3.The valve stem has good anti - corrosive and anti - abrasion property through the adjustment and surface nitriding

4. All kinds of pipe flange standards and flange sealing surface types can be adopted to meet various engineering requirements and user requirements.

5.The valve body material variety is complete, the packing, the gasket may according to the actual working condition or the user request reasonable choice matches, may be suitable for each kind of pressure, the temperature and the medium working condition.

6. The inverted seal is made of threaded joint seals or body welded austenitic stainless steel. The seal is reliable, and the replacement of packing can be carried out without stopping the machine, which is convenient and quick without affecting the system operation.

7. Equipped with DZW series multi-turn electric device, it is small in shell, light in weight and full in function. It can be used with the remote computer, or the electric device can be selected according to the user's requirements.







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