Globe Dry Pipe Valve

Globe Dry Pipe Valve
Nominal Diameter: DN50~DN1000,NPS2~NPS40;
Nominal Pressure: PN16~PN420,CL150-CL1500;
Design Standard: BS1873, ASME B16.34
End Connection: Flanged, butt weld Body Material: A216 WCB, A217 WC6/WC9, A351 CF8/ CF8M, A352 LCB/LCC, A105,F304,F316,LF2,F11,F22
Seat: metal to metal, 13Cr, HF, Stellite, soft seat, resilient
Operator: electric, pneumatic, manual,handwheel, wrench, gear, hydraulic
Working temp: -196℃~620℃.

Product Details

                                                              Globe Dry Pipe Valve


Petroleum, chemical industry, pharmacy, fertilizer, power industry etc.

Features & Benefits of Globe Dry Pipe Valve

Structural characteristics:              

1. Comply with domestic and foreign standards, reasonable structure.

2. Stem of globe dry pipe valve is quenched and surface nitrided to make it have good corrosion resistance and scratch resistance.

3. According to engineering and customer needs, it can be used in conjunction with flange pipe standards and sealing patterns.

4. The globe dry pipe valve body materials, fillers and gaskets are complete. In order to be suitable for various pressures, temperatures and medium conditions, they can be matched according to the actual working conditions and the reasonable requirements of users.


Products Specification about Globe Dry Pipe Valve

Product NameGlobe Dry Pipe Valve
SizeDN15 ~ DN800, NPS 1/2" ~ 32"
PressurePN10 ~ PN100, Class 150 ~ Class 600LB
Temperature-60℃ ~ 560℃
Installation MethodHorizontal/ Vertical
MaterialWCB/ LCB/ CF8/ CF8M/ CF3/ CF3M/ Cast Iron/ Ductile Iron/ Copper Alloy
Material ProcedureCasting
Sealing Material13Cr/ STL
Stem PackingGraphite
Operation TypeManual, Bevel Gear, Electric, Pneumatic, Pneumatic & Hydraulic

Design Standard

API 602/ GB/T 12235/ ASME B16.34/ BS 1873

Face to face

ASME B16.10/ GB/T 12221/ GOST 3326


ASME B16.5/ ASME B16.47/ GOST 33259/ GOST 12815/ GB/T 9113

Test Standard

API 598/ GOST 9544/ ISO 5208

Globe Valve construction

size chart of dry pipe valves

Quality Control About Globe Dry Pipe Valve

quality control of pipe Ball Valve

Packing and Loading about Globe Dry Pipe Valve

Ball Valve Warehouse

ball valve factory supplier

Why Choose Us?

1. We has passed and obtained IS09001, API-6D, CE, TS certification and certification. 

2. We have own fty, over 24% of the engineering technicians and management personnel above the intermediate level, including 3 senior engineers and 1 famous national valve experts.

3. We also provides product services for large enterprises such as Sinopec, Huadian, Guodian, Zijin and other enterprise groups

4. We accept small order and can deliver the goods with low transport cost.

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