Globe Valve Api 600

Globe Valve Api 600

Brand: Kemus
MOQ: 1pc
Kemus Valves offering Globe Valve, Globe Control Valve, Glove Valve, JIS Globe Valve to All Over The World. Get best price and read more about Globe Valve API 600 as following.

Product Details

ANSI Class 300 Cast Steel Globe Valve API 600


KEMUS Globe Valves API 600 are used for throttling and frequent operation. API 600 Globe valve's structure is more simple than gate valve's, and it is more convenient in manufacturing and maintenance. The stem axis and the seat sealing surface is vertical, and it is a very reliable valve to cut off and control. Sealing surface is not easy to wear and scratch, and it has a good sealing surface and long service life. When opening and closing, disc's route is small, so the height of globe valve is smaller than gate valve, but the length of structure is longer than gate valve's. 

Globe valve API 600 The seat Ring and Wedge Disc are ground and lapped to a mirror finish that provides matching sealing surfaces. A plug type disc is supplied as standard with flat and regulating type discs available on request. Heat treated stainless steel STEM with precision machined ACME threads for long lasting service. Machined Backseat Bushing to provide a secondary metal-metal stem seal. Rising Stem gives open and closed indication of position with large diameter Handwheel for easy operation. Austenitic ductile iron YOKE SLEEVE gives resistance to heat, corrosion and wear. Two piece self-aligning GLAND BUSHING and GLAND FLANGE to prevent damage with high strength alloy steel STUD BOLTS.


Globe Valve API 600 Key Features:

Swivel Plug Disc Design Standard for Globe Valve API 600

Bolted Bonnet Construction

Outside Screw and Yoke, Rising stem

Handwheel Operated Globe Valve API 600

Renewable Threaded-in Backseat Bushing 

Renewable Threaded-in or Welded-in Seat Ring Globe Valve API 600

Cast Steel Globe Valve API 600

Flanged ANSI Class 300

Sizes: 2" to 12" (larger sizes available on request)

Globe Valve API 600 

ANSI globe valve api 600

Globe Valve API 600 Parts Details

KEMUS globe valve api 600

Kemus Customers

ball valve characteristic 2

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