Steam Stainless Steel Globe Valve

Product Name: steam stainless steel globe valve
Price: Negotiable
Delivery: 5-10days in stcokage item, 25-35days for production

Product Details

Steam Stainless Steel Globe Valve

Brief introduction of  steam SS globe valve:

1. Advanced structure, reliable sealing, excellent performance and beautiful appearance. Improve the stiffness of the valve stem, significantly reduce noise and vibration, and improve the service life and performance of the valve.

2. The stop valve can be installed at any position of the pipeline, and the medium flows from bottom to top.

3. Advanced multi-seals, double brackets above DN250, guided movement (which can greatly improve resistance to water hammer impact), and the medium enters from above, which better solves the problem of large opening and closing torque of large-diameter globe valves, and the sealing cannot be tightly closed. The filling chamber is running out, which effectively improves the performance and use a range of the valve. ("Close" torque is 10% of ordinary valve and "open" torque is 3% of the ordinary valve).

4. The stainless steel stop valve is suitable for various corrosive media pipelines, with good corrosion resistance and sufficient strength.

5. The alloy steel globe valve is suitable for high-temperature-resistant steam and oil pipelines, with high-temperature resistant characteristics.


Technical parameters of stainless steel steam globe valve

Part nameMaterial
Body, bonnetCi Ni Mo Ti Steel
Wedge gate
Stem nutAl bronze
HandwheelCastiron, forageable castiron

Size chart of SS steam globe valve

size chart of steam SS globe valve

Our customer:

customer of steam globe valve

 Application plants

where to use stainless steel globe valve

Dispatch for shipment

shipment for steam stainless steel globe valve


1. Can I request to advance the shipment?
A: It should depend on whether there is sufficient inventory in our warehouse. 

2. Are there any special requirements for OEM purchases?
A. Yes, we require proof of trademark registration in order to print or emboss your trademark onto the product or packaging.

3. What is your advantage compared with your competitors?

(1). Qualified Manufacturer

(2). Reliable Quality Control

(3). Competitive Price

(4). High-Efficiency working (24*7hours)

(5). One-Stop Service

4. Can you provide drawings and technical data?
A: Yes, our professional technical department will design and provide drawings and technical data.

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