Blow Off Valve

- Nov 14, 2018-

As you must know, a blow off valve is something that you install in your turbo charged engine in order to increase its performance. It is especially important for turbocharged engines that run high boost levels because it relieves the boost pressure with a throttle response even when the throttle is still closed. Without it, pressure rises quickly in the engine that can cause further damage that you car. Now that you know that it is important for your car, it is best that you also know how you should install and maintain your own blow off valve with these easy steps.

Reviews Of Blow Off Valve

There are a lot of brands of blow off valve which are available in the market today but if you are planning to buy your first one then you should be sure on what brand of valve you should buy. There are two main types of valves for your vehicle, the atmosphere and the recirculating that you can read more about in blow off valve selection guide. Here is a review for the two most popular blow off valves out in the market today.

4 Basic Parts Of Blow Off Valve

A usual blow off valve is made up by an outlet and inlet port, a vacuum connection point and also a spring. It is made with high quality aluminium alloy and should come with accessories like flanges, bolts and gaskets. You can even choose whether you would want a blue, silver, purple, or red color for your valve. New parts may either have new additions or less, depends on what type of valve it is. So how does this really work?

Selection Guide Of A Blow Off Valve

A blow off valve (BOV) is the one responsible for releasing pressure in turbocharged engines specifically found in your cars’ engine. You should know that it is important for your turbo system because it does not only improve the way your vehicle performs, but it also increases the life of your turbocharger as well. Your car is already equipped with one but it is important to get your turbocharged engine a good type of blow off valve for your cars in order to prevent you from spending more with costly repairs in the future. Getting a better brand can hold higher boost levels and can improve throttle response if you compare it with the version you already have in your car.