Butterfly valve

- Nov 13, 2018-

Butterfly valve is a valve having a circular disk closure normally mounted on a shaft. Rotation gives a wing-like movement to close at right angles to the flow.

Butterfly Valve Review

A butterfly valve, in its simplest sense, open, closes, or controls the flow. It is a mechanical device used to regulate and isolate the flow of certain substances. It acts as a passageway for the entrance or exit of either water, air, or other chemicals. Their design features a disk mounted on a rod. When closed, this disk blocks off the passageway in which it is mounted, which happens when the valve is turned by a quarter. When it is rotated by another quarter turn, unrestricted flow or passage then occurs. Opening or closing the valve is achieved by a number of turns; hence they are derived from a family of quarter turn valves. This simple design and consistent characteristics are what make this valve a popular one.

How To Maintain A Butterfly Valve

Following proper directions and instructions is and will always be a nice thing to do, even in installing a butterfly valve inside the house. No kidding. This valve is widely used in day-to-day life such as in the carburetor of a car. These valves are mainly used in controlling a certain object, in the case of a carburetor, and then the entrance of air in the car is being decreased or increased through the use of the valve. Simply put, this is used to regulate the flow which in this case, is the air. Due to this high end function, proper and constant maintenance of this valve is a must. This valve is operated similar to that of a ball valve.

Butterfly Valve Selection Guide

The appearance of a butterfly valve lives true to its name, it looks like a butterfly. Technically, it has a rotating disk mounted on a rod, and this rod runs through the center of the disk, making it look like the body of a butterfly with the half of the disk on each side as the wings. It may have gotten its name from a pretty and wimpy insect, but this butterfly has the power to act as a medium in controlling the flow of certain substances. Due to it being very much resistant in nature, it can withstand a great deal of pressure which makes it perfect as a device in isolating or regulating a flow, making it a high performance valve.

Parts Of A Butterfly Valve

The technology of the butterfly valve has evolved gradually throughout time and its usage has become more popular nowadays. This valve comes from the family of quarter turn valves in different sizes, intended for different uses and handling different levels of pressure, the greater the size of the valve, the higher the pressure. In coherence with all mechanical devices, this piece of equipment has different parts or components that contribute in its functionality and usefulness in everyday life.