can a butterfly valve be installed backwards

- Apr 15, 2020-

Can a butterfly valve be installed backwards

Can Butterfly Valves be installed upside down? The answer is No. The reason is very simple, butterfly valve can play a role in sealing the valve seat seal ring and the valve shaft part of the packing. When the butterfly valve is installed vertically to the pipeline or horizontally, the medium will erode the packing part less. When the butterfly valve is installed upside down, the medium will flow out of the packing to erode the packing and damage the sealing performance, resulting in the leakage of the butterfly valve. If it is the leakage of toxic and harmful medium, it will cause a great potential safety hazard.

In addition to the fact that the butterfly valve cannot be installed upside down, the following points shall be paid attention to for the installation of butterfly valve:

1. Before installation, the inside of the butterfly valve body has been cleaned to ensure that the flow space of the medium is clean and free of impurities. The butterfly plate cannot be closed until it has been cleaned.

2. The special flange of wafer butterfly valve shall be used for the installation of wafer butterfly valve.

3. Each connecting part of butterfly valve shall be pressed tightly to ensure the maximum sealing performance of the packing part, but the rotation of the valve rod shall not be affected

4. After installation of butterfly valve, regular inspection shall be carried out during operation, and problems found shall be handled in time.

The installation of butterfly valve is one of the two key factors affecting the operation of butterfly valve, and the other is the quality of butterfly valve, so the purchase of high-quality butterfly valve products is also the key

Installation direction of butterfly valve:

1. The butterfly plate of the butterfly valve is installed in the diameter direction of the pipeline.

2. When installing the butterfly plate, the butterfly plate shall be stopped at the closed position.

3. The opening position shall be determined according to the rotation angle of butterfly plate.

4. For butterfly valve with bypass valve, the bypass valve shall be opened before opening.

5. The butterfly valve shall be installed according to the installation instructions of the butterfly valve manufacturer, and the heavy butterfly valve shall be provided with a solid foundation.

In addition, it is very important to carefully check the model and whether it is damaged before installation. During installation, the sundries in the valve must be removed to avoid valve blockage.