can butterfly valves be installed upside down

- May 21, 2019-

Can the butterfly valve be installed upside down? Although the demand for butterfly valves is increasing, butterfly valves have become the first choice for people in more and more working conditions. But for the installation of the butterfly valve, there are still many friends do not understand, or understand enough. This article responds to the question "Can the butterfly valve be installed backwards?"

Can the butterfly valve be installed upside down? The answer is no. The reason is very simple.

The butterfly valve can play a sealing role with the valve seat seal and the valve shaft part of the packing.When the butterfly valve is mounted vertically or horizontally on the pipeline, the medium will have little erosion on the filler. When the butterfly valve is installed upside down, the medium will flow to the filler to erode the filler, destroy the sealing performance, and cause the leakage of the butterfly valve. The leakage of poisonous and harmful media will cause great safety risks.

In addition to not flipping, the following points must be noted regarding butterfly valve installation:

1. Prior to installation, the inside of the pipeline inside the butterfly valve body should be cleaned to ensure that the media flow space is clean and free of impurities. The disc cannot be closed until it has been cleaned.

2. For the butterfly valve, use the special flange for the butterfly valve when installing the butterfly valve.

3, each connecting part of the butterfly valve should be compacted to ensure that the packing part obtains the maximum sealing performance, but it can not affect the rotation of the valve stem.

4. After the butterfly valve is installed, perform periodic inspections during the operation process and find that the problem is solved in a timely manner.

The quality of the butterfly valve installation is one of the two key factors that affect the operation of the butterfly valve. The other is the quality of the butterfly valve that affects the operation of the butterfly valve. Therefore, the purchase of high quality butterfly valve products is also key.

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