can butterfly valves be used for isolation

- May 20, 2019-

Butterfly Valves are small, compact, economical valves that use a rotating disk inside a pipeline to control flow.  

While they are attractive due to their low cost, small footprint and ease of automation, there are some limitations on where they can be used due to the fact that an obstruction remains in the pipeline even when the valve is fully open.

Butterfly valve technology has evolved over the years, allowing the user to find the right tiered solution of their application. Evolution of the design of the butterfly valve included zero, single, double and triple offsets, all of which have improved different aspects of the valves operation. Generally, users select a butterfly valve because of the size, weight, and cost savings when compared to other valve technologies. When deciding which technology to use, you must consider the application suitability including fluid type, pressure, temperature, shutoff, industry standards, automation requirements and of course ensuring that a valve with an obstruction in the pipe is acceptable.

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