can gate valves be used for throttling

- Apr 16, 2020-

Can gate valves be used for throttling

The gate valve is suitable for the occasion of always keeping full open or closed. When the gate valve is used for throttling and partially opened, eddy current is generated at the back of the gate, which is easy to cause vibration and erosion of the gate, and also easy to damage the sealing surface of the valve seat. Therefore, it is generally not used for throttling.

1. The characteristic of gate valve is that it can not be used for throttling, but for opening and closing occasions.

2. The gate valve is usually installed on the horizontal pipe, and the stem is vertical upward. When the gate valve is rotated, the direction should be vertical to the stem. It can also be installed in the vertical pipe or the horizontal pipe whose stem is not vertical upward, but special structure will be required, which depends on the valve diameter, application environment and material.

If it is decided to install the valve in a special way, I wonder that the direction of the valve should be specified when ordering.

3. When the application environment is too high temperature, it is recommended to use flexible or split wedge to avoid ram stuck due to overheating expansion. This may occur when the valve is cold closed and then hot open.

4. To avoid delivery in high-speed fluid or thermal cycling applications, lock weld threaded seat rings in the valve body and specify when ordering.

5. After closing the gate valve, in order to release the load of the valve stem, the valve stem can be slightly rotated, so that the valve stem is not too tight and can be slightly expanded, the valve will not be stuck or damaged, and the closing effect will not be affected.

6. High integrity gate valves can be used in hot water outlets or in soft iron piping systems if the seat ring mounting lugs are removed. When ordering, please note that it can be used at the hot water outlet.

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