Difference and selection of electric control valve and pneumatic regulating valve

- Nov 13, 2018-

The biggest difference between them is that one is controlled by power and the other is controlled by gas source. Electric control valve uses motor to make power, while pneumatic control valve uses compressed air as power. Fundamentally speaking, there is not much difference, but the form of driving is different. The basic error and sensitivity of the electric control valve are up to 0.3%. It is not necessary to set up another gas source, and it is not suitable for the occasion where the explosion-proof requirement is too high. The basic error and sensitivity of the pneumatic control valve are 0.5%. It is necessary to establish another gas source station, but it is intrinsically safe. It is suitable for occasions with high explosion-proof requirements.

Selection of electric control valve and pneumatic control valve:

1. From the price point of view: the price of pneumatic control valve will be more economical than that of electric power, only need air source for power!

2. From the application occasions: pneumatic control valves need to be equipped with compressors and other equipment, the advantage is that they have explosion-proof function, simple maintenance, low failure rate, so in chemical and petrochemical industries, the scope of use is far greater than that of electric control valves.

3. From the running time: the action of pneumatic control valve is relatively faster, but it needs a stable air source, while the electric control valve will be slower!

4, the electric control valve has high control precision, can be used with electricity, and can bring many related functions.

5, the pneumatic control valve is of low accuracy and requires gas supply equipment, and signal conversion accessories are needed.

6. Electric control valves are mainly used in power plants or nuclear power plants, because the high-pressure water system requires a smooth, stable and slow process.