Difference between electric double seat regulating valve and electric single seat regulating valve

- Nov 21, 2018-

The difference between electric two-seat regulating valve and electric single-seat regulating valve is just the difference of valve seat as its name implies. It refers to the matching form of the regulating valve spool and the body seat. Two seats are two seats in the body of the valve, and one seat is one seat in the body of the valve.

1. The single seat type is the one-sided matching structure of a sealing line, just like plugging the hole with a plug; it has the characteristics of small leakage, large unbalance force, smaller allowable pressure difference and smaller leakage than the two-seat valve.

2. Double seats for control valves generally refer to the use of pressure compensation requirements, through the use of two sealing lines on the spool barrel at the same time, to achieve pressure compensation and valve closure, can withstand a large pressure difference, usually suitable for large flow, high pressure drop and leakage occasions.