difference between gate valve and globe valve

- Aug 01, 2020-

       Difference Between the Gate Valve and Globe Valve

Let us understand their differences from different aspects.

1.Structural difference

The structure of the gate valve will be more complicated than that of the stop valve. From the appearance point of view, the gate valve is taller than the stop valve and the stop valve is longer than the gate valve in the same diameter. In addition, the gate valve can be divided into bright rod and dark rod. The shut-off valve does not.


2.The difference in work principle

When the shut-off valve is opened and closed, the handwheel will rotate and lift together with the valve stem. The gate valve rotates the handwheel to make the valve stem move up and down, and the position of the handwheel remains unchanged. The flow rate is different, the gate valve requires fully open or fully closed, but the stop valve does not need. The shut-off valve has specified inlet and outlet directions; the gate valve has no inlet and outlet direction requirements. In addition, the gate valve can only be used as a cutoff and has no other functions. The stop valve is used for flow adjustment.


3.The difference in performance

The shut-off valve can be used for cutting off and flow adjustment, with short opening and closing stroke. Since the gate valve can only be fully opened and fully closed, the opening and closing time is long.


4.The difference in installation and flow

The effect of the gate valve in both directions is the same. There is no requirement for the inlet and outlet directions for installation, and the medium can flow in both directions. The stop valve needs to be installed strictly in the direction indicated by the arrow on the valve body.

5.The difference in sealing

The sealing surface of the globe valve is a small trapezoidal side of the valve core (see the shape of the valve core for details). Once the valve core falls off, it is equivalent to closing the valve (if the pressure difference is large, of course, the closing is not tight, but the anti-reverse effect is not bad). The gate valve is sealed by the side of the valve core gate plate, the sealing effect is not as good as the stop valve, and the valve core will not be closed like the stop valve when the valve core falls off.