do check valves restrict flow

- May 07, 2019-

Limiting check valve is a kind of check valve. It is mainly used in multi-pump parallel flow regulation system by changing the number of units. It is installed at the outlet of the pump to limit the flow of the pump and stabilize the head. Make the pump work in the high efficiency area to prevent the low head and large flow pump from burning down the motor under overload.

Limited flow check valve supports pump working point in high efficiency area, restricts pump operation in high flow rate and low efficiency, and at the same time, slightly retards shut-down of pump, closes water hammer phenomenon; prevents pump overload and overrated current from burning motor; has stepless regulating head function; limits the adjustable range of head 0.1-0.6 MPa, pressures set at 0.1 MPa; adjustable medium temperature between 0-150 degrees C. 。

Use method of current limiting check valve:

The flow direction of the medium of the check valve should be the same as the arrow direction of the valve body. The pressure test can be carried out before the outlet of the valve body. Damage to the guide device is strictly prohibited during installation; the 1/2 pipe joint on the valve should be installed at the inlet of the pump; it can be installed horizontally or vertically; when the demand lift of the check valve is greater than 0.1 MPa, the four-way should be opened counterclockwise first, and then clockwise. When the pressure regulating valve is closed gradually, the outlet pressure will increase gradually until the outlet pressure is needed for the lift, that is, to complete the initial adjustment, repeatedly open and close the pump 2-3 times, each time running for 3-5 minutes, the outlet pressure will complete the commissioning work if it remains unchanged; depending on the water quality, the outlet pressure value should be checked regularly, and when the outlet pressure is less than the set value, the filter should be opened to remove dirt.