EGR Valve

- Nov 14, 2018-

Regardless of the model and brand of car you own, there are times when you will need to replace its EGR valve due to problems such as ringing noises, and excessive black smoke coming from the car's tailpipes. With this, there are a handful of factors that you need to consider to ensure that what you are picking up is a good replacement exhaust gas recirculation valve for your car. Otherwise, you'll just end up rushing to the parts dealer to beat the replacement period over and over again, or you could just junk them on your garage and buy another one.

Delphi EG10026 EGR Valve Review

The wide diversity of EGR valve available in many car dealerships makes the task of selecting the right one for installation on our cars. Each one of them wants to outweigh other brands and models by providing a handful of benefits to the car owners. Nonetheless, the Delphi EG10026 EGR model capitalizes on a wide variety of vehicles that it can fit.

4 Main Parts Of EGR Valve

Exhaust gas recirculation or EGR valve reduces combustion temperature by sending some amount of the gas back to the cylinders of the exhaust engine. This is an integral process that contributes to cleaner air and clearer road visibility. About 5% to 15% of the gas is sent back to the intake in typical car engines.

How To Maintain An EGR Valve

For an EGR valve that will contribute to better vehicle efficiency, proper maintenance and cleaning is needed. Laid out for you is a simple guide that will help you improve your vehicle’s engine performance. The whole maintenance process will also help you pass standard emissions tests easier.