Foot valve

- Nov 14, 2018-

Foot valve is a lift or swing check valve with an open inlet for total immersion on a pump suction line. Always fitted with a filter or strainer.

Some Of Foot Valves Available In The Market

There are a lot of manufacturers out there that make foot valves but from the variety of valves available, it can be hard to choose from the multitude of products and companies out there. For one, a foot valve is an expensive piece of equipment and with the number of applications for it, the right one should be selected to ensure optimum performance of all the equipment connected to this valve.

How To Selecting A Foot Valve

Many people may not know what a foot valve is. Most likely, many have not seen one as well because these are one of the plumbing devices that are always hidden from view. This device is basically a type of one way check valve that allows fluids to flow in only one direction. These are mainly used for homes and are connected to water pumps and water lines. What it does is it prevents fluids, or in this case water, from going back into the well and emptying the pipeline.

4 Basic Parts Of A Foot Valve

There are a lot of foot valves out in the market right now, each having specific sizes and made of different materials for various applications. However, even if these foot valves all differ in sizes and applications, they all have several components that are common to all of them. Despite the fact that these valves are seldom seen since they are always under water or at the bottom of a well, it would still be better to know what parts a foot valve has to know how it simply works. Here are the basic parts that can be found in all valves of this kind.

Few Tips On Maintaining A Foot Valve

These are just some of the important tips in maintaining a foot valve. Of course prevention is always the better decision so even if these devices are pretty much low maintenance, always keep a routine maintenance check up. This can ensure that the entire system will be able to have a longer life span.