Gate Valve

- Nov 13, 2018-

One of the advantages of gate valves is its high capacity as well as its ability to seal tightly, making the shutoff of any flow possible and any leakage nearly impossible. This particular kind of valve is also known to be very cost effective, which is probably why it is a popular choice for countless residences. Gate valves also have low friction loss because there is almost nothing obstructing the flow of the fluid when the valve is fully opened, creating little resistance to the flow.

How To Maintain A Gate Valve

The proper maintenance of a gate valve, or any valvefor that matter, is important in ensuring that it will last for many years and work as efficiently as it should. Thinking that it can simply be installed and left alone afterwards is the beginning of the end since the time will definitely come that the valvewill either have to be repaired or totally replaced due to lack of maintenance. So, if you want to spare yourself a few headaches and several dollars in repair or replacement costs, learn how to maintain your gatevalveseffectively.

Parts Of A Gate Valve

A gate valve is comprised of certain parts that allow it to function properly. The most principal part of this particular valve is the valve’s body or shell, which is considered the initial pressure boundary and can connect inlet and outlet pipes in a piping system. The shape of the body is often cylindrical and houses the gates, also known as the valve’s disks, and the valve’s seats.

Gate Valve Selection Guide

Knowing the right kind of gate valve to select depends greatly on how you are planning to use it in your piping system.One particular type of design may work specifically for plumbing purposes in a home while another type of design may work better in an industrial setting. This is why it is important to have the correct information on each type of gate valve and whether they will meet your specific requirements and needs. A professional's advice and guidance can help whittle down the choices and recommend which one will work best in your precise setup.