how do knife gate valves work

- Apr 29, 2020-

how do knife gate valves work

Introduction to the working principle of knife gate valve

The knife gate valve mainly consists of three parts, namely, the control handwheel of the knife gate valve, the outer wall of the valve body and the internal control device. We use the knife gate valve mainly by controlling the handwheel which is easy to operate on the knife gate valve, so that the control device inside the valve body can carry out a series of physical movements, and finally form the opening and closing of the valve, so that the knife gate valve can work normally and control the on-off of the pipeline.

The internal structure of the knife gate valve is very complex. We turn the hand wheel of the knife gate valve by hand to make it rotate. In this way, the knife gate valve can pull the lever and gear inside the knife gate valve to work. Through the linkage movement, the blocking device inside the valve can change rapidly. According to the different rotation direction, the knife gate valve can be opened and closed. And this kind of work can be completed in a very short time, which can effectively save time and improve work efficiency.

Advantages of knife gate valve

Why can knife gate valve be used so widely? This is because knife gate valve has a strong advantage. First of all, the quality of knife gate valve is relatively light, and the internal space of valve body is generally large, which can effectively save raw materials and reduce production costs. Secondly, the knife gate valve can also be controlled by the electronic computer, fully automatic, and can improve the working efficiency of the valve. In addition, the use of knife gate valve can reduce the waste of resources, improve production efficiency, and save resources. Knife gate valve also has the characteristics of wear resistance, so knife gate valve is generally more durable, one can be used for many years.

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