how to fia x two-handle shower valve

- Nov 15, 2018-

This will specifically deal with fixing two-handled shower valve. Fixing your shower valve can be done using the same process one does when fixing faucet in the sink.

The most common problems with shower valves are leaks. These problems can be easily solved if you know how to. Normally, this problem is a result of a used up O-rings that just need replacement. Replacing this is simple. You won’t need technicians and/or a technical person to do this. So when you are having a problem with your shower, there are easy steps you can take to save money from professional fee by doing it yourself.

shower valve mainternance

Replacing your shower valve can be easy; any DIY person can do it in a short time if you know what to do and how to do it. The first step is to determine what type of shower valve is installed in your bathroom. As you will be replacing it, it is best to purchase exactly the one that would fit your existing shower valve. This article will specifically deal with fixing two-handled shower valve. Fixing your shower valve can be done using the same process one does when fixing faucet in the sink.

Before doing anything, the water supply should be cut off first. Since the water tank, including water heaters is a complicated system, shutting it from the main water supply is advisable.

Initially, you need to access the valve. You can do this by popping off the cap by any sharp, small object like small knife. Once the cap is removed, the screw will be exposed. Remove this screw to be able to take off the handle by pulling it. Depending on the design of the shower, there will be object that needs to be removed before you can access the valve like a cover plate and the setscrew. The key is to locate the valve; any object blocking its access should be entirely removed.

The cartridge is attached to the valve body. Pull off the retainer (U-shaped) or a lock that joins the cartridge to the valve. Using a wrench as you pull will help. By using a plier, pull the cartridge. Once the cartridge has been pulled out completely, ask someone to open the water supply to flash off dirt from the valve. This activity will prevent water from leaking once replacement is done. Totally remove water from the valve by wiping the inside with a rag. Use a soft bristle toothbrush to clean the cartridge. Remove all dirt and stains that is in the cartridge.

Once you are absolutely sure that you have cleaned all the parts, replace the O-ring located at the base of the valve’s stem. Put back all the pieces in a last out-first in manner. If parts are not properly re-installed, problems might persist and might pose bigger problem if not corrected.

Once all parts are re-installed, the reversed way it was taken out, test the shower valve if problems have been fixed. If there are no more leaks and the water comes out the way it should, you have properly installed your system. However, if the same problem occur, it is most likely that you need to replace the entire cartridge.