how to install knife gate valve

- Apr 30, 2020-

how to install knife gate valve

Knife gate valve is one of many gate valves, named for its appearance and made of various materials. Compared with the general gate valve, e799bea6e7ae7ad94e78988e69d8331333365663539 has many advantages. In addition to its small size and light weight, its performance is also very superior, so it has been loved by the majority of consumers. Many inexperienced people are unavoidably at a loss when installing the knife gate valve. They don't know where to start. This article will introduce the installation steps of the knife gate valve and the precautions in the process of installation and use for your reference when you need to.

Installation procedure

1. Before installation, check whether the valve model is consistent with the working condition. This is very important, which directly affects whether the later installation can be carried out smoothly, so it should be particularly careful.

2. For rubber, Teflon and other soft seals, check whether there are sundries in the valve inner cavity and sealing surface, and clean them if there are any. If there is any sundry, it will have a bad effect on our later use.

3. The user must consider to reserve the necessary space for the valve driving device before installation.

4. The electric (electro-hydraulic) valve has been debugged before leaving the factory. When the user first uses it, in order to prevent wrong wiring, first manually open the valve to the half open state, and then connect the power supply for no-load trial opening.

5. The air source of pneumatic (hydraulic) valve must be supplied with enough air (hydraulic) pressure.

6. Tighten all bolts evenly during installation. If it is not tightened, the back will be loose, and then repair will waste unnecessary human and financial resources. Therefore, pay special attention to tightening

7. During installation, it is not allowed to impact the valve strongly or screw the valve parts arbitrarily.

8. If the sealing part on the valve is exposed, the sealing grease shall be added regularly.

9. In dry areas, when the valve driving device is spur gear, it is necessary to add lubricating oil regularly.

matters needing attention

1. Before installation, check the cavity and sealing surface of knife gate valve, and no dirt or sand particles are allowed to attach;

2. All connecting bolts shall be tightened evenly;

3. Check the packing position to ensure the tightness of the packing and flexible opening of the ram;

4. Before installing knife gate valve, the user must check the valve model, connection size and medium flow direction to ensure the consistency with the valve requirements;

5. When installing knife gate valve, users must reserve necessary space for valve driving;

6. The wiring of the drive device shall be carried out according to the circuit diagram and shall not be changed without permission.

7. The knife gate valve must be maintained regularly, and shall not be collided or squeezed at will, so as not to affect the sealing.

Through the introduction above, we have roughly understood the installation steps of knife gate valve and some necessary precautions during its installation and use. We can see from it that the main requirements of knife gate valve are that there should be no sundries entering during installation, the models should match each other during installation, the gate driving space must be reserved, and the maintenance should be carried out strictly according to the circuit diagram and on schedule. After knowing these basic knowledge, we can install and use knife gate valve by ourselves.

how to install knife gate valve