How to use special butterfly valve for coal gas?

- Aug 29, 2018-

Open the special butterfly valve for coal gas , hydraulic control butterfly valve, hydraulic control station and lifting oil cylinder force, through the lift arm, heavy hammer rod, valve shaft and other parts, drive disc plate to rotate 90 °. At the same time, the force of the hydraulic control station and the lifting oil cylinder also vertically elevates the hammer through the lifting arm and the heavy hammer rod, which converts the gravity of the hammer into potential energy and prepares the power for closing the valve.


Lock: Lock mechanism of hydraulic control butterfly valve consists of the transmission oil cylinder, mechanical lock, electromagnetic lock shaft, shaft parts such as electromagnet, electromagnetic joint mechanical locking function, when the valve is fully open, the first driving force of oil cylinder driving mechanical lock shaft into the lock position to lock in the early, after driven by electromagnet electromagnetic force of electromagnetic lock shaft to lock, lock it process under the effect of a series of travel switch, the completely automatic, entity. Heavy hammer the huge force entirely by bearing mechanical lock, mechanical lock shaft out of the restraint of the electromagnetic lock shaft, while the electromagnetic lock shaft exit by electromagnet electromagnetic force control, as long as the electromagnet with electricity, its electromagnetic lock shaft and mechanical lock shaft has been firmly in control, how long it's not open valve, regardless of how heavy is heavy hammer, hammer (disc) will not drop a spark, to ensure that the disc plate after open remain the state of full open (minimum flow resistance state), without any oil, fill pressure measures.


Shutoff valve: There are three conditions for shutoff valve. B: Water pump or valve itself malfunction, power failure and shutoff;c: Out wire shutoff valve. In either case, simply make the electromagnet lose power can be automatically closed according to the predetermined procedure, at the moment the electromagnet lose power, the electromagnet immediately disappear soon as the electromagnetic force of the electromagnetic lock shaft loses its effect, the lock can be opened immediately. The mechanical lock shaft can also be opened after losing the constraint of the electromagnetic lock shaft.  At this time, the potential energy of the hammer, namely, the hammer bar, lifting arm, valve shaft and other parts, drives the disc plate to shut down according to the preset fast turn off, buffering and slow turn off procedures, and the whole process is in one breath. In the process of closing, the hydraulic control butterfly valve must exclude the oil from the lower cavity of the lifting oil cylinder. Therefore, the method of controlling and adjusting the oil discharge speed of lifting oil cylinder can effectively control the closing speed of the valve. The closing process of the hydraulic control butterfly valve has three procedures: Quick closing, buffering and slow closing. The speed closing time, slow closing time, fast closing angle and slow closing angle can be adjusted.

Special Butterfly Valve for Coal Gas