is globe valve bidirectional

- May 24, 2019-

Cut-off valves allow only one-way flow of media and are directional when installed. The structure length of the globe valve is longer than that of the gate valve. At the same time, the fluid resistance is large, and the sealing reliability is not strong when the globe valve runs for a long time.

Globe valves are classified into three categories: straight-through globe valves, right-angle globe valves and direct-current oblique globe valves.

The most obvious advantage is that in the process of opening and closing, the friction between the disc and the sealing surface of the valve body is smaller than that of the gate valve, so it is wearable.

The opening height is generally only one fourth of the diameter of the seat passage, so it is much smaller than the gate valve. Usually there is only one sealing surface on the valve body and disc, so the manufacturing process is better and easy to maintain.

Globe Valve Nominal Pressure or Pressure Level: PN1. 0-16. 0MPa, ANSICLASS150-900, JIS10-20K, nominal diameter or caliber: DN10-500, NPS1/2-36". Connection mode of globe valve: flange, butt welding, thread, etc. Applicable temperature: -196 ~700 C. Driving mode of globe valve: manual, bevel gear transmission, pneumatic, electric, hydraulic, pneumatic, electro-hydraulic, electro-hydraulic, valve body material: WCB, ZG1189Ti, ZG118Cr12Ni8 (CF304) CF3 (304L), CF8M (316), CF3M (316L), Ti.

Globe valves are made of different materials.