Principle of pneumatic V regulating ball valve

- Oct 19, 2018-

Pneumatic V-type regulating ball valve core is designed to have a V-type notch with special switch, V-type notch and valve seat produce a strong shearing force, can cut off high viscosity media including fiber or small solid particles, and has self-cleaning function, to avoid valve stuck phenomenon. Pneumatic V-type ball valve is suitable for regulating control, high stability, even in the case of small flow or high viscosity medium, but also within the entire range of control to ensure accuracy; O-type ball valve is suitable for cutting off, relatively economical.

There is a V-shaped orifice on the ball body of the pneumatic V-type regulating ball valve. The orifice area changes with the rotation of the ball, but the shape of the orifice is always triangular, the flow characteristics are similar to the same percentage, the adjustable ratio is large, the pressure loss is small, the flow capacity is large, and the opening and closing parts adopt V-shaped orifice. Ball-shaped structure, completely solve the valve cavity easy to deposit media problems, suitable for fibrous, slurry-like fluid

The V angle of the pneumatic V ball valve can be customized to meet the more precise cut-off characteristics and control functions. Generally, V-valve is used more in slurry medium, it is similar to cam winding valve, much better than O-valve, V-ball valve is used as a control valve, such as medium is not clean, low flow coefficient, high leakage level occasions.