reviews of blow off valve

- Nov 16, 2018-

Which blow off valve is better? According to the number of users who buy online, the Greddy Type S is a better choice because it has better sound and has higher boost levels.

There are a lot of brands of blow off valve which are available in the market today but if you are planning to buy your first one then you should be sure on what brand of valve you should buy. There are two main types of valves for your vehicle, the atmosphere and the recirculating that you can read more about in blow off valve selection guide.

Here is a review for the two most popular blow off valves out in the market today:

The atmosphere type is the one that gives your car that sound like it’s on the race track. The popular and appealing sound of fast sport cars can actually be put into any car unlike the recirculating type for users who want a quiet type but with the same performance boosting functions.

The first review is for the Type R- 47mm Greddy Valve 11501660 which is around eight pounds, this item has high user reviews online and it is said to be a bit pricey costing around $354 but worth it because of the improved performance of their cars.

greddy blow off valve review

The products features are:

  • The Greddy universal type R valve with standard spring.

  • Though a Flange would be needed with this universal valve.

  • It also comes with the installation method so you can easily put the valve into your car.

This item is great for you because it is easily adjustable in order to eliminate any compressor surge, prevent any premature boost leaks while still increasing the boost response in between shifts. It is made of billet aluminium frame, a durable cast and the good thing is that the valve to diaphragm ratio is what provides the performance that other cheaper pistons can’t offer. You can even have the choice to make it fit mild upgrades all the way to even heavily tuned engines with the three different sizes of the spring stiffness adjustment screw that already comes with it unlike other kinds of brands.

Another review is for the Turbosmart TS-0205-1300 Supersonic Blue Universal Valve, weighing at 1.4 pounds which is a lot lighter than the Greddy Valve.

turbosmart blow off valve review

Its features is that it has:

  • A full atmospheric valve.

  • You can adjust it without needing any tools.

  • It has the popular supersonic sound plus adds really good flow performance to your car.

It’s popular for people who want to be noticed with its famous sound, this product is being used in show-cars and also in race cars worldwide though it is suitable for all and about any type of turbocharged vehicle.

This type is said to be good by a lot of users as well because you can easily tune the spring just with turning the cap

So which blow off valve is better? According to the number of users who buy online, the Greddy Type S is a better choice because it has better sound and has higher boost levels so a lot say that if you’re after the sound than the money then you should go for the Greddy Type S.