Shower Valve

- Nov 14, 2018-

A shower has different parts, most important of which is the Shower valve. There are two types of shower valve: the Pressure balancing valve and the Thermostatic valves. These two shower valves are currently the accepted shower control system being used for any residential and commercial use. However, depending on your preferences, these two have their own characteristics that can satisfy different needs of homeowners and users.

A Review Of Anti-Scald Shower Valve

One way of protecting your family from these accidents and preventing untoward events from happening is by using an anti-scald shower valves for your shower. By using this, you can totally eliminate the chances of temperature shifts. The anti-scald shower valves can be used either for the pressure balancing system or thermostatic system. This is proven safe to use as this valve removes the possibility of disposing too hot or too cold water coming out of the sprout. So when trying to purchase a shower system for your bathroom. What are the Type of Shower valves, you should make sure that your shower system is using an anti-scald valve.

A Review Of Shower Valve 101

Shower valve is the control we use in all our shower system. Typically there are two designs of shower valves: the single handled and the double handled design. The traditional design is the two-handled shower valve. The two handles are normally used to balance the water that you would want to come out of your shower head. The two handles constitute the temperature of either hot or cold. By turning it and controlling the water coming out from both outlets going to the shower head, you are able to determine what you feel is the most comfortable and desirable for you.

How To Fix A Two-Handled Shower Valve

The most common problems with shower valves are leaks. These problems can be easily solved if you know how to. Normally, this problem is a result of a used up O-rings that just need replacement. Replacing this is simple. You won’t need technicians and/or a technical person to do this. So when you are having a problem with your shower, there are easy steps you can take to save money from professional fee by doing it yourself.