Solenoid Valve

- Nov 30, 2018-

Solenoid valve is a linear action block valve, generally of globe type, fitted with a solenoid for quick operation. Hermetically-sealed designs available. Usually DN50 or smaller.

Steps In Maintaining A Solenoid Valve

Good and practical maintenance of a solenoid valve can make its life longer and guarantee expected functioning. Maintenance of control valves despite it being a tiny component may possibly be valuable in the long run and what looking after can yield to the whole system. To find out when best to examine this type of valve controls, take into account the benefit of a valve breakdown at a favorable time; the risk of probable injury in case of a failure; the monetary expense of a badly timed valve breakdown; the financial loss considering productivity and work outcome when a valve fails to function; and service expense having to do with time and energy

Tips To Selecting A Solenoid Valve

Solenoid valve is used for controlling the flow of liquid or gas/air powered tools motors, and systems. It functions as an electromechanical device initiating a current to run through a coil in the valve. The flow of current causes the formation of a magnetic field which brings about the displacement of a metal actuator. In selecting a solenoid valve, it is imperative to deliberate duration of response as well as duration of the valve to be energized.

Types Of Solenoid Valve

Solenoid valves control the flow rate of fluid and gases in systems, devices, and motors. These control valves that are uniquely distinctive and have varying types evidently have carried out simple to complex tasks without difficulty. These can be made particularly to match specialized needs and used to control liquids, gases, oils, electricity, among other mediums from low to high temperatures. These valves have been useful to various systems, control cylinders, motors, and other industrial valves acting on more than a few fundamental and multifaceted applications. They have highly developed designs wherein some make use of a manifold-type design concept.

9 Basis Parts Of A Solenoid Valve

If the workings of a system or process necessitate the distant controlling of air, liquid, vacuum, or gas, the appropriate choice of a solenoid valve can greatly affect the eventual performance of the machine, system, or process on the whole. Looking into the parts of this control valve will facilitate understanding of the significant functions and useful operations of a valve. This is an illustration of a normally closed, direct-acting solenoid valve with indicated parts as follows...