Water pressure regulator control adjustment

- Aug 28, 2019-

Water pressure regulator control adjustment:

This article describes exactly how to adjust a building water pressure reducer or water pressure regulator control, as part of diagnosing and correcting poor building water pressure or perhaps the need for a replacement water pressure regulator/pressure reducer.

Distinguishing between static water pressure, dynamic water pressure, and water flow rate can help diagnose water problems in a building. Here we explain these concepts and we describe how to measure water pressure and flow at a property where either municipal water supply or a private well and pump water supply is in use.

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How to Adjust the Water Pressure Regulator on Municipal Water Supply

Water pressure regulator (C) Daniel FriedmanFind the pressure reducing valve or pressure regulator control for the building

A water pressure regulator or pressure reducing may be installed. See the illustration at the top of this page and at left. A device, usually a few inches across and often shaped a bit like a bell, may be found installed quite close to the building water meter.

The water meter is often installed where water pipes enter the building and the pressure regulator will be installed just after the water meter on the same pipe.