what are alarm check valve

- Apr 27, 2019-

Why Use Alarm Check Valves in a Sprinkler System?

There are numerous check valves and other components in a wet sprinkler system. It’s important in any sprinkler system that is specifically used for fire suppression to have alarm check valves throughout.

Contrary to some common misconceptions, alarm check valves are not intended to be used to prevent backflow. These alarm check valves may certainly help prevent water in the sprinkler system from backflowing in the source or a reservoir, thus leading to potential contamination of the water supply, but it’s primary purpose is to hold back water pressure in the sprinkler system until such time as it’s needed.

An alarm check valve can be activated (or opened) in one of two basic ways: either manually when a person activates a water gong, or electronically. Once the alarm check valves are activated, they will allow water to flow through the system, engaging the sprinkler system as and where needed in order to suppress a potential fire.

what are alarm check valve