What is a Deadman valve?

- Jul 27, 2019-

Deadman Handle Ball Valve with Spring Return Handle

KEMUS has the most rugged ball valves with spring return handles on the internet.  Our deadman spring return ball valves are designed for everyday industrial use.  We also offer Locking Handle Option for our Spring Return Deadman Handle Ball Valves.


We use the new industry standard ISO 5211 actuator mounting pad for our spring return handles.  Our mounting pads are rugged, unlike the "weak panel mounting pad" used by our competitors.

Our handles are made from heavy gauge stainless steel so they don't bend like competitors handle spring return ball valves.  

Full Flow Full Port Design

Our handle spring return ball valves are full port.  Most competitors use standard port valves or reduced port valves....so you need to hold the handle open longer with competitors valves.

Self Adjusting Packing

Most of our handle ball valves use self adjusting packings with belleville washers.  Competitors use thin teflon packing and need to undo the handle for constant packing readjustment.  Our valves last longer and require less maintenance.

Other Valves w/ Deadman Handles

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Locking Handle Option 

Oval Handle Option

Applications include: Sampling, filling tanks, draining tanks, spill avoidance, butane tanks water drain, propane tanks water drain, steam trap drain, chemical makeup, refueling, 55 gallon drum dispensing, meat pipe plug cleanout and many more.