What is hydraulic control butterfly valve?

- Aug 29, 2018-

The hydraulic control butterfly valve is a kind of butterfly valve, and the hydraulic control butterfly valve can be divided into three types: Pressure type, lock type and energy storage type. It is suitable for the inlet pipe of the pump outlet and turbine, as the closed circuit valve and check valve, to avoid and reduce the backflow of the intermediate fluid in the pipe system and to generate excessive water blow, to protect the pipe system.


Hydraulic control valve drive and closed by hammer potential energy.after installation, the valve can replace gate valve (butterfly valve) and check valve, and the flow resistance coefficient is small.the two stages of closing the valve are quick closing and slow closing. The front section is fast closing and the rear section is slow closing. The closing time and angle can be adjusted according to the needs of users. lock lock with automatic pressure and lock pin lock double protection. The accumulator hydraulic control butterfly valve opens by the pump, and closes by the accumulator. The use of the accumulator to close the valve, thereby eliminating the hammer, so small space, easy to install, compact structure.electrical control can be used according to the needs of users common control and plc control, pump valve linkage, and can be local remote control and computer control.

Hydraulic Control Butterfly Valve