What is swing check valve?

- Aug 30, 2018-

Swing check valve is also known as one - way valve or reverse check valve, its function is to prevent reverse flow of medium in the pipeline. The opening and closing parts shall be opened or closed by medium flow and force to prevent backflow of medium. Check valves belong to the automatic valve class, mainly used in the one-way flow of medium pipeline, only allowing the medium to flow in one direction to prevent accidents.such valves shall generally be installed horizontally in the pipe.


Swing valve is suitable for nominal pressure pn1.0mpa ~ 42.0mpa, class150-2500;nominal size: Dn15~1200mm, nps1/2 ~48;working temperature - 196 ~ 540 ℃ of various pipelines, used to prevent the backflow medium. By selecting different materials (wcb,cf8(m),cf3(m),1gr5mo,15crmo1v, it can be applied to water, steam, oil, nitric acid, acetic acid, strong oxidizing medium, urea and other media. Mainly used in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, fertilizer, electricity and other pipelines.


Stainless steel check valve adopts internal rocker arm swing structure, all open and close parts of the valve are installed inside the valve body, do not penetrate the valve body, with the exception of the central flange location with sealing gasket and sealing ring, there is no overall leakage point, eliminate the possibility of valve leakage. The swing check valve rocker arm and disc joint adopt the structure of spherical joint, so that the disc has a certain degree of freedom in 360 degree range, with proper trace compensation.

Swing Check Valve