where are butterfly valve used

- May 13, 2019-

Where is the butterfly valve used?


Butterfly valves are used in carburetors. The car gas pedal uses this valve to control the air that comes in from the engine. When the gas pedal is hardly pressed to the floor, the valve opens completely, allows the air to come in the carburetor. The air blends with the gas, enters into the combustion chamber where they are ignited by the engine. Thus, how the car moves. Installing the product from a reputed Butterfly valve Manufacturers keeps the vehicle in a perfect running condition for many years.


The butterfly valve is used in the ships as they function well with oil, saltwater or any type of water and temperature. Since the valve is very light and tiny that can be used in delicate piping systems in the ships.

Hydroelectric Power Stations

Hydroelectric power stations commonly use butterfly valves. The flexibility, versatility, and efficiency of the valves are the reason of usage. The large sized valves are utilized in water inlet pipes by providing a reliable shut off when required.

The Pneumatic System

Any pneumatic based system can use the butter valve. Butterfly valve working scenario is alike ball valve, therefore the air, liquid flow are regulated. It works with pneumatic system and controls the output flow.

Firefighting Devices and Apparatus

The butterfly valve is generally used in firefighting apparatus as it works well with the freshwater, offers easy and elegant handling which is required during the firefights. Due to its easy and effective control properties, the valve is used as a control valve. The replacement is easy and cheap when compared with other valve types.

The Applications of Butterfly Valves

These valves are used in a wide range of applications. Its excellent performance can be seen in slurry and large volume water applications. The typical applications of butterfly valves are:

Vacuum services, slurry services, High temperature, high pressure and steam services, Compressed gas or air applications and cooling water, gas, air and fire protection.

The Butterfly valve is used to regulate and control, throttle the flow. They are featured by a fast operation and low-pressure drop. To make an open position from the closed, it requires only a quarter turn. Wafer, lug, Single-Flange, Flange are the regular types of butterfly valves. To imply on a specific application the welding-end style is engineered. Shoulder-end, threaded-end, and grooved-end are other available types of butterfly valve. Metal-to-Metal seats, Soft Seats with fully lined disc and body are the main components of the valve production. A bubble-tight shutoff is permitted by the soft seat and the full lining enhances corrosion resistance.

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