Electric Plastic Ball Valve Type And Application

- Oct 23, 2018-

Electric plastic ball valve type and application

Electric plastic ball valve is one of the types of valves used in many industries in recent years. Its valve body is light in weight, strong in corrosion resistance, hygienic in material, non-toxic, wear-resistant, easy to disassemble, simple to install and maintain, and applied. In many fields, such as general pure water, raw water, sewage, salt water and seawater, including pipeline systems such as acid and alkali and chemical solutions, the quality has been recognized by the majority of users, becoming an important demand for various corrosive pipeline fluids.

All parts of the electric plastic ball valve are assembled by injection molding. The sealing ring adopts F4, which has excellent corrosion resistance, low integral leakage point, high strength, flexible rotation, convenient use and long service life. According to different connection forms, it can be divided into flange type, thread, socket and the most common double joint order. According to different materials, it can be divided into PPR, PVDF, PPH, CPVC, UPV, etc. The temperature resistance is -14 °C~ 100 ° C, -40 ° C ~ 120 ° C.

The electric plastic ball valve itself is compact in structure, reliable in sealing, small in size and light in weight, but it is only suitable for use in pipes of normal temperature and normal pressure medium. Generally, the pressure should not exceed 1.0Mpa, the working temperature is less than 150°C, and the medium should not contain granular particles. Impurities. If the temperature and pressure are high, the electric hard seal ball valve can be used. If there are impurities, fibers, slurry and other sticky materials in the medium, you need to use the electric V-type ball valve.