Gate Valve Characteristics

- Aug 03, 2018-

Light weight: The body is made of high-grade ductile iron, which is about 20%~30% lighter than traditional gate valves, and is easy to install and maintain.

Flat-bottomed gate: Traditional gate valves are often deposited in the groove of the valve bottom due to foreign objects such as stones, wood blocks, cement, iron filings, debris, etc. after the water is washed, which is easy to close and form a leak. The bottom of the elastic seat sealing gate valve adopts the same flat bottom design as the water pipe machine, which is not easy to cause debris accumulation, so that the fluid is unobstructed.

Integral encapsulation: The ram is made of high-quality rubber for the whole inner and outer rubber. The first-class rubber vulcanization technology in Europe enables the vulcanized ram to ensure precise geometrical dimensions, and the rubber and spheroidal cast slabs are secure and not easy to fall off. Flexible memory is good.

Precision cast body: The valve body is precision cast, and the precise geometry allows the valve body to be sealed without any finishing.