Petrochemical Industry's Demand For Valves

- Dec 18, 2018-

Petrochemical Industry's Demand for Valves

With the continuous development of petrochemical industry and other professions, China's valve industry has been advancing. Over the past decade, the domestic policy and economic situation have improved, which has provided favorable conditions for the development of the valve profession, and its rising space is infinite. At present, domestic petrochemical and other companies are facing endless demand for valve profession in terms of replacement cycle and new equipment. It is estimated that the valve profession will still have a great improvement in the next few years.

At present, Sinopec is developing in the direction of large-scale, planning and internationalization, and will continue to develop sustainably in the next five years. Tens of millions of tons of refinery equipment and millions of tons of ethylene equipment will be built and expanded in China, opening up a wide market for the demand of petrochemical valves. In addition, various types of pumps operated by domestic refineries are now obsolete and aging, and need to be updated and reformed urgently.

With the advancement of social industry, the demand for valves and other commodities in petrochemical and other industries is also showing a trend of specialization, standardization, large-scale and complete sets. Together, the demand for energy conservation is also increasing. Valves will also usher in a new opportunity and turnaround due to the integration of mechanical and electrical valves. The demand for mechanical and electrical valves in shopping malls is increasing. There is still potential space for development in shopping malls, but the higher the quality and demand of commodities together. Valve professional commodities have entered a period of innovation, not only the commodity category needs to be updated, but also the internal management of the company needs to deepen the reform according to professional standards. Although the development of the valve profession has been relatively stable for a long time, there are still some non-standard competitions in the industry. For example, some operators have innovated the waste valve and sold it for the second time after painting from scratch, which brings serious safety risks to the quality of the project and seriously disrupts the order of the valve market.