Structural Characteristics Of Electric UPVC Butterfly Valve

- Nov 26, 2018-

Electric UPVC butterfly valve (also known as electric plastic butterfly valve) has light weight and strong corrosion resistance. It has been applied in many fields, such as pipeline system of pure water and raw drinking water, drainage and sewage pipeline system, saltwater and sea water pipeline system, acid-base and chemical solution system, etc. Its quality has been recognized by the majority of users.

Electric UPVC butterfly valve is composed of electric actuator and UPVC butterfly valve. It has simple structure, light weight and strong corrosion resistance. Usually used in reclaimed water reuse, electroplating wastewater, batteries and other industries.

Electric UPVC butterfly valve features:

1. Material, durability and corrosion resistance of thermoplastics

2. Anti-collision, strong stability and support for various high-resolution applications

3. Portability, Easy to Install, Low Torque

Electric UPVC butterfly valve body characteristics:

1. PP-GR body with excellent mechanical properties

2. Integration of valve body to ensure durability and no filtrate problem

Electric UPVC butterfly valve plate features:

1. New valve plate design to ensure low torque and low pressure loss

2. Optional UPVC, CPVC, PPH, PVDF and ABS

3. High wear resistance.

Electric UPVC butterfly valve seal:

1. Integral seal, special antifriction ring, meet low torque, raw materials can be selected: EPDM or VITON.

2. High Performance Stainless Steel Shaft Rod (No Fluid Contact Collision)

Electric UPVC butterfly valve operation:

1. The electric executive control part is made of aluminium alloy, which is light, antioxidant and easy to operate.

2. Voltage optional: DC24V, AC220V, AC380V, etc.

3. Electric UPVC butterfly valve can be operated manually.

4. Electric UPVC butterfly valve actuator can be equipped with valve position switch in place signal feedback device for remote control.