The Difference Between The T-type And The L-type Of The Pneumatic Three-way Ball Valve

- Oct 24, 2018-

The difference between the T-type and the L-type of the pneumatic three-way ball valve

The common connection method of pneumatic three-way ball valve is flange or internal thread, which is selected according to the actual working conditions of the pipeline! Then, in the course of use, different structural forms should be selected according to different working conditions. From the technical point of view, the T-shaped ball valve can replace the L-shaped ball valve.

L-type </strong> pneumatic three-way ball valve is used to switch the flow direction of the medium. It can connect two channels that are perpendicular to each other to the T-type pneumatic three-way ball valve. Not only can the flow direction of the medium be switched, but also the three channels can communicate with each other. It is also possible to close any channel and connect the other two channels to flexibly control the confluence or splitting of the medium in the pipeline.