Valve Industry Ushered In The Golden Age Of Rapid Development

- Dec 20, 2018-

Valve industry ushered in the golden age of rapid development

Against the background of favorable policy and market, China's valve industry ushered in a golden age of rapid development. However, opportunities and challenges coexist, and the development of the industry still faces many difficulties. How to strengthen technology research and development capabilities and achieve product updating? How to break the foreign monopoly? Valve enterprises in China still have a long way to go.

Valves, as an indispensable industrial equipment in the national economy, are indispensable mechanical equipment in all walks of life. In industrial enterprises, the potential role of valves < in production is enormous. To some extent, the quality of valves will have an important impact on personal and production safety, product quality, production efficiency and so on.

Due to the increasing demand and the rapid expansion of market space, valve enterprises have sprung up. While forming the active market situation, the competition is becoming increasingly fierce, and even gradually exposed many problems, and faced with serious challenges. There are roughly the following questions:

Firstly, the current valve enterprises have insufficient technological innovation capability, and few innovations are made after introducing advanced technology; secondly, the design level of the industry is not high, and the R&D centers of most valve enterprises are limited by personnel and facilities; thirdly, the processing technology is relatively backward, raw materials are wasted greatly in the production process and lack of environmental awareness; finally, some large state-owned enterprises in China are in the sea. External production of spare parts hinders the continuous improvement of design level.

Opportunities and challenges coexist, achievements and hidden dangers coexist. Actively promoting industrial transformation and upgrading, to achieve quality and efficiency breakthrough has become the only way for the valve industry.

At present, China's valve industry is carrying out transformation and upgrading, adjusting product structure, independent innovation, and developing new superior products with intellectual property rights, so as to adapt to market changes, show their magic power, seek breakthroughs, walk out a successful road of development, re-innovate advantages in the changing multi-end market, and achieve some results. Not only won the market recognition, but also got rid of the price war vicious competition quagmire. Even in the context of the peripheral economic downturn, enterprises have maintained a good momentum of steady growth.