What Is The Air Pressure Of Pneumatic Valve

- Nov 29, 2018-

What is the air pressure of pneumatic valve?

Pneumatic valve is driven by compressed air to realize switch or regulation control. The quality of air source will affect the normal use of pneumatic valve. Good, stable and high quality air source can also prolong the service life of pneumatic valves.

Pneumatic valves are valves driven by compressed air, which can be used to control the flow of various fluids, such as air, water, steam, corrosive media, mud, oil, liquid metal and radioactive media.

Requirements of pneumatic valves for air quality:

1. Gas pressure must be stabilized at 5-6 bar, especially for single-acting pneumatic valves. If the pressure is less than 5 bar, the valve may not be opened.

2. When multiple pneumatic valves are used at the same time, the air compressor must have enough capacity to ensure that the pneumatic valves can be opened or closed at the same time.

3. Compressed air must be cooled, filtered and cleaned of moisture and impurities. The air inlet of pneumatic valve should be equipped with air filtration triple parts (filter, pressure regulating valve, oil filter).

4. When conveying compressed air over a long distance, it is better to install a gas tank near the use site to stabilize the air pressure.

5. All gas and gas pipe joints shall not leak. Pneumatic valves shall not be installed with excessive force to damage components.