Brass Pressure Relief Valve

Product Name:brass pressure relief valve
Brand: Kemus
Place of origin:China
MOQ: 1set
Shipping way: by sea shipment, by air and by train

Product Details

Brass Pressure Relief Valve

Precautions for using brass pressure reducing valve works

1. Pay attention to the direction of water flow when installing;

2. Adjust the opening of the needle valve: first tighten the needle valve in a clockwise direction until it cannot be screwed, and then return it half a turn to between two turns. After adjustment, the knob cannot be changed at will;

3. Loosen the nut on the pilot valve and turn the screw on the pilot valve to adjust the pressure during pressure relief. When adjusting, the screw on the pilot valve should be withdrawn, start the water pump to let the water drain from the pressure relief valve, and gradually screw in the adjusting screw to gradually increase the pressure of the pump until the required pressure is set. Tighten the lock after adjustment Tighten the nut. If it is under high pressure, the pointer may swing or turn the needle valve knob in a clockwise direction, but it cannot be screwed down;

4. Change the flow rate by other bypass pipes or water supply network and observe whether the pressure relief pressure is stable;

5. If there is a control failure, first check whether the small filter of the control pipeline is blocked, and then check whether the pipeline is unblocked, whether the main valve and pilot valve diaphragm are broken, and whether the gasket is damaged, etc., if any, replace it.

Product specification of brass PRV

Size DN50-DN100

Material: brass

Setting pressure: 0.3-1.4 MPa

Media: water

Temperature: 80 deg C

Opening and closing error: ≤0.15mpa

Ends: flange 

brass pressure relief valve drawing

Size chart of brass flange end pressure relief valve


Packing & Delivery

pack and delivery for brass pressure relief valve


1. Q: How to certify that Kemus could provide qualified valves?

A: We have rich experience to offer various valves to Domestic and foreign customer. Already obtained the certificate of API, ISO9001, ISO14001, Heath And Safety Certification, First Level Supplier Certification.


2. Q: Does your price have an advantage?

  A: We do factory direct sales, long-term cooperation with stable suppliers. Most clients revert our cost is competitive.


3. Q: How to control quality?

  A: Inspect all the material once arrive at our warehouse. Do test and 100% inspection before shipment. We also have 12 months warranty.

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