Surge Relief Valve

Surge Relief Valve

Product Name:pressure relief valve
Brand: Kemus
Place of origin:China
MOQ: 1set
Shipping way: by sea shipment, by air and by train

Product Details

Water Hammer Relief Valve

Brief introduction

The water hammer pressure relief valve is installed and used. The water hammer relief valve is composed of the main valve, high-pressure hydraulic pilot valve, pipe and other parts. It has the function of automatic hydraulic control and unconditional opening of the water hammer at high pressure. The main valve can open quickly and close slowly and has the function of preventing water hammer from closing the valve. The water hammer relief valve is used on the main water delivery pipe of the pump outlet pipeline, close to the source of water hammer such as check valve, overpressure point of the water delivery pipe, etc. It is connected with a T-shaped three-way connection, which can discharge high-pressure water hammer unconditionally. It is a pump station Protecting equipment after safety can effectively improve system safety and reliability.

Product specification of spring high pressure reducing valve

● Connection mode: Angle or straight
● Equipment diameter: DN50 -- DN600
● Nominal pressure: 1.6 MPa, 2.5 MPa, 4.0 MPa, 6.4 MPa
● Setting pressure: 1.1 times the actual working pressure
● High-pressure drainage reaction time:
The reaction time of the water hammer relief valve is not more than 1.0 seconds, that is, the water release time from the water hammer to the action of the water hammer relief valve is less than 1.0 seconds.
● Applicable medium: raw water, clean water
Applicable temperature: 0℃-85℃
Connection: Flange connection
Suitable medium: water
Body material: cast steel, carbon steel, stainless steel
Flange standard: GB9112; ANSI BI16.5
Hydraulic slow-closing control valve fast closing 90% (1-3 seconds) slow closing 10% (2-60 seconds adjustable)


How can I know the exact price?

A: Kindly send us your inquiry ( valve type, qty, material, collection, pressure, size, standard). We will offer cost to you.

Why do I get a different price from different suppliers?

A: Normally the same specification has a different weight. It caused qty difference. We supply super quality as usual. Good quality is a top concern. 

How long is your delivery time?

A: It depends on qty and valve specification. Except for special material, our production lead time is 5-30 days.

Packing & Delivery

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